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Storage Solutions

CCS offers a full suite of professional services for corporate clients in storage, backup, and storage networks technologies, ranging from solution consulting and project planning to installation, training, health checks, site assessments, troubleshooting and support.

CCS consultants have significant depth of experience with all major backup applications, operating systems, database applications, tape hardware, and storage technologies.

CCS's storage optimization and integration services – transformation strategy assessment, quickly and efficiently analyzes your interconnected IT and storage environments, determines cost inefficiencies, dependencies and opportunities for improvement – both short term and long range. More than an assessment of the current state, the solution helps you develop an effective IT storage growth and optimization plan and provides tactical, short-term activities that can lead to strategic, long-range improvement, replacing watered-down metrics like terabyte/full-time employees ratios with critical metrics such as:

  • Architectural complexity.

  • Process maturity & level of automation.

  • Information availability & skills alignment.

  • Expected growth & rate of change.

  • Backup systems integration.

CCS offer complete deployment of software, hardware and applicable infrastructure for customers who want an end-to-end service. These services include planning meetings and data gathering; the creation of detailed project plans and statements of work and the installation of the backup server, all clients, additional modules for databases and messaging servers, documentation, and knowledge transfer.

We tailor configuration of the products based on the customer's requirements and business objectives, including backup window, tape rotation and retention policies (for backup systems) and zoning considerations, hardware constraints and future growth (for storage systems). Extensive testing for data accessibility, data restore and disaster recovery is also available.

SAN Consulting & Integration

Our consultants are well-versed in SAN architecture and equipment. We are available to design and roll out new SANs, whether general-purpose or application-specific. We are also available to troubleshoot existing environments and can provide knowledge transfer and training for your staff.

Storage Area Network (SAN) architectures have placed additional strains and stresses on IT departments, adding a whole new layer of complexity on top of already heterogeneous hardware, software and operating system platforms.

Disaster Recovery Planning

CCS offers a variety of products and technologies to address needs ranging from remote hot sites, to replication, to continuous and real-time backup. CCS consultants are available to discuss your business goals and priorities and educate the technologies and services that are available to address your business needs. We can prepare detailed solution designs, product specifications and project plans, as well as implement and document your DR solution.

Storage Resource Assessments

Many of our clients have experienced tremendous organic growth in their IT departments over the last several years, resulting in large numbers of often disparate storage hardware and data management tools.

CCS works with a number of technologies–from storage resource management software to virtual disk solutions and migration tools–to help our clients get the most from their existing equipment while reducing their labor and management costs. CCS consultants are available to assess your storage resource utilization and make recommendations for optimizing your existing resources, easing your management and provisioning burdens and planning for future growth.