Partner Hosted IT Infrastructure

Partner Hosted IT Infrastructure

Increasingly, IT departments are under pressure not just to deliver IT services, but to create business value through innovation. More and more companies are thus embracing infrastructure as a service (IaaS) in a bid to increase business agility through cloud platforms that flex on demand in line with changing needs. Although our various cloud platforms come with self-service functionality for fast, easy deployment, many IT managers would prefer a more hands-off approach in the face of budgetary, time and resource constraints.

CCS managed hosting is the answer. This service allows you to entrust specific infrastructure provisioning, configuration, monitoring and management tasks to CCS experts. In other words, we would be responsible for provisioning the physical or virtual hardware you need, attaching it to tiered storage of your choice and hosting it from a CCS partner data center. You can choose from a menu of Windows or Linux servers of varying size and complexities, scaling for instance from a single virtual machine through to a clustered system. We then monitor and manage the hardware and operating system to ensure service availability against a set of predefined service levels designed to meet your specific business requirements.

CCS managed hosting reduces the cost, risk and management overhead involved in administering and supporting your IT infrastructure. Safe in the knowledge that your local and global security, performance and regulatory requirements are being expertly managed and monitored, you are free to concentrate on content and enterprise applications rather than the underpinning infrastructure or technologies.

Because most cloud journeys are complex, successful, custom-fit solutions call for choice. Which is why our managed services are available for IaaS trusted public, IaaS private hosted and our private cloud solutions. You can rely on us to manage your compute, storage and network resources across any combination of physical or virtual, shared or private networks. And you can connect to your hosted and managed infrastructure securely over the Internet or using a private MPLS connection.

Why CCS?


As one of the leading providers of infrastructure services in India, our experts have gained vast experience managing some of the world’s most complex infrastructures over the past 23 years. Our range of hosted and managed infrastructure services provides you with the choice and control you need to reduce cost, risk and management overhead so you can achieve the specific business outcomes you desire.

Enterprise class

Our managed hosting services are delivered from tier3 partner data centers, delivering enterprise-class levels of resilience and recovery. You can tailor the resilience levels and recovery windows to your needs through our various storage and recovery solutions, both virtual and physical. In some areas, we offer highly available solutions from paired data centers.

Dedicated contact

With a dedicated service manager to look after your needs, you can look forward to comprehensive, ITIL-compliant service and support of the highest standard.