Managed Monitoring Service

Managed Monitoring Service

CCAS+ network operations center (NOC) nips problems in the bud while you maintain real-time visibility into your server, storage, and network infrastructure.

Take advantage of CCAS+ 24/7 technical support team to configure server-level monitoring of your infrastructure.

  • Expert monitoring and response

  • Alerts are automatically investigated by CCAS+

  • Includes RAID monitoring, ping monitoring, port scanning, HTTP get checks and more.

  • Managed deployment & setup

  • New and existing customers with a CCS account should contact their account representative to order the service. CCS will need to gather information on the infrastructure you want to place under management. A CCAS+ team deployment expert will then configure the monitoring parameters as requested.

  • Immediate response action triggers

  • If an alert is triggered, CCAS+ takes action if necessary will begin troubleshooting to quickly find a resolution to the issue. Cases are opened on your behalf so you have clear insight into issues and tracking of actions.

  • Supports standard monitoring options

  • Many providers limit their managed monitoring service to a simple "Ping Test" to check the health of the environment. CCAS+ goes a step further, offering more of the options you need. Monitoring options include ping, TCP port scanning and HTTP get.

  • Supports cloud servers & dedicated servers

  • Our monitoring service can be configured to support CCAS+ cloud servers and CCAS+ dedicated servers in addition to servers that have been collocated with us