Managed Load Balancing Service
Managed Load Balancing Service

Managed Load Balancing Service

CCS can manage traffic for your website, media, other production environments. Our managed services and network teams help you develop and operate high-performing load balancing services, customized to your needs.

  • 24x7 managed service of local and global load balancing performed at a simple flat cost

  • Service includes load balancing configuration and operation

  • Support on-premise and multi-cloud infrastructure configurations

  • Customized solutions developed by managed services experts

CCS managed load balancing services are billed on a monthly basis. Pricing is dependent on the number of virtual IPs (VIPs, or "customer-facing" IPs) and the number of "Real IPs" (servers being balanced).

Load Balancing - Local

CCS provides managed load balancing on redundant pairs of Big IP f5 hardware load balancers, providing a robust, high-performing load balancing service, customized exactly to any application need.

  • Achieve 100% uptime using f5 hardware traffic managers

  • Balance traffic between servers within a datacenter

  • Flat cost covers unlimited connections, services balanced & no additional throughput costs

  • SSL offloading removes the burden of encryption off of your servers

Load Balancing - Global

CCS helps organizations managed traffic by DNS using geographic or weighted algorithms. Global load balancers enable users to effortlessly manage traffic to worldwide data centers, CDNs and cloud providers. Global load balancing is available with OEM/CCS's managed DNS running on industry leader verisign's network.

  • Verisign DNS-based global traffic management

  • Balance traffic between datacenters & automatic failover

  • Geographic optimization available to get your customers to the datacenter closest to them

  • Weight traffic volume to primary and secondary datacenters