CCAS + Consulting
Cloud Consulting

Enterprises are increasingly looking towards gaining competitive advantage through collaboration, process agility and innovative business models, at low costs.

The challenge lies around identifying and developing a cloud strategy that helps meet key business goals.

CCAS+ can help you clearly define:

What to migrate to cloud? – Set priority on applications, processes and infrastructure.

How to migrate to cloud? – Define the right migration strategy for your enterprise.

Which cloud to migrate to? – Adopt an appropriate mix of private, public or hybrid clouds.

Your enterprise needs to build a comprehensive cloud migration strategy and develop a clear Cloud Roadmap, to extract the best out of the cloud. Our Cloud Advisory Services enable you to analyze and understand how your business applications are hosted in the current environment and carry out an in-depth analysis of your applications' amenability towards cloud. Some of the key salient feature of our consulting services are :-

  • Guiding clients through key cloud design considerations

  • Discussing the pros and cons of each cloud service model

  • Highlights major design considerations in areas such as security, data privacy, logging, data storage, SLA monitoring and more