OEM Service Provider
OEM Service Provider

OEM Service Provider

An easier way to maintain your equipment.

You have multiple equipment's in hospitals and when major downtime occurs, there is no guarantee that only one manufacturer's machine is the culprit. Rather than dealing with multiple OEMs and referencing numerous contracts with different SLAs, turn to CCS support services, our third party maintenance division. When you sign one simple contract with CSS, we take care of everything. We're qualified to support all the major manufacturers, including: Philips, Siemens. Imagine—one phone number, one call, one point of contact for every equipment issue.

Cost savings.

A recent statistic put out by IBM indicated that, on average, 70% of a company's budget is spent on maintenance. In today's economic climate, is it worth it to pay a premium for OEM maintenance support? Is it worth paying more each year for equipment that just keeps getting older? Is it worth paying top Rupees for cookie-cutter SLAs and stagnant customer service? We don't think so. CSS' third party maintenance division will save you 40-70% on your IT costs. We guarantee that you will pay the same price for the same level of service through the life of your equipment—even as it ages and from customized support solutions to a personal account manager, you'll gain value in every area of your maintenance plan.

Increased flexibility.

Most OEMs feature contract terms that benefit them—not you. Our solutions are designed to make your life easier with flexible terms and conditions. In addition to our standard SLAs, which already beat out the OEMs', CCS will create a service level specific to your needs. Need different SLAs for mission-critical equipment? No problem. Need an engineer available on weekends? Easy. Need an engineer working in your hospital 24/7? Done. With CCS support services, it really is that easy.

Customer service excellence.

We know that time is precious when something goes wrong in the hospital. But with the OEM, you could wait almost four hours just for a technician to get back to you about your ticket. With CSS, we'll diagnose the problem and have a part on site within four hours.

Maintenance & Multi-Vendor Support

Your medical devices are your hospitals critical assets, heartbeat and lifeblood. Its protection is essential to your hospital's reputation, security and success. As an Service professional tasked with maintaining and supporting your medical equipment at a moment's notice when something goes down. You want problems fixed within hours, not days. You want someone on speed dial, not a robotic telephone agent telling you to press 1. You want CCS support services—a multi-vendor umbrella support and maintenance provider that offers completely customizable service plans to fit every need and budget at more than 40% off the cost of OEM maintenance.

CCS employs manufacturer-certified engineers and technicians who spend every day servicing and troubleshooting equipment. When you call us with a problem, there's a good chance we've already come across it and know exactly how to resolve it. if you need an engineer onsite as part of your maintenance plan—no problem we can provide that too as part of our contract.

Efficient and customer-focused

We approach each new prospective customer as an individual with unique needs. That is why our process involves contract negotiation and SLA fulfillment procedures that are consultative and communication-focused.

  • Consultation:We start with the initial consultation, where we determine your desires and needs and evaluate your environment and budget. From there we develop a personalized plan that is geared toward providing you with the most possible value.

  • Onsite Audit: We'll conduct a complimentary health check to determine the current state of your equipment and provide you with a list of recommended resolutions to any issue we discover.

  • Contract Writing: Our contracts are unique to each customer and they're simple. Your contract will be easy to understand and include everything discussed during consultation—one contract covers all of your support through CCS.

  • Parts Sparing: Once a contract is signed, we'll start sparing parts for your equipment's at local secure stocking depots or onsite if preferred.

  • Customer Portal Training: We'll help you get up and running with our robust customer portal. We'll teach you how to log trouble tickets online an manage all of your assets.

  • SLA Delivery: The moment you log a trouble ticket, your issue becomes our priority.